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(a list of Carrboro supporters follows):


“I have been privileged to work with Mayor Lavelle to make the Southern Branch Library [to be located in Carrboro] a reality. Our shared goal would not be realized were it not for her staunch advocacy. Carrboro is very fortunate to have such an intelligent, passionate, dedicated and caring leader.”  Alex Brown, President, Friends of the Carrboro Branch Library

“She works for the lives of ALL Carrboro residents by being accessible and dedicated to the growth and wellness of the community.”  Anissa McLendon, Carrboro resident

“I admire both your big-picture, well researched approach to problem-solving and your friendly, approachable nature!  Good qualities in a mayor and neighbor!” Anna Hoffmeyer, Carrboro resident

“I have deeply appreciated Mayor Lavelle's efforts to work with our Legislative delegation on issues of shared concern. She was one of the leading voices in the efforts to overturn the bigoted HB2. She has demonstrated that she truly represents the values of Carrboro.”  Representative Graig Meyer, North Carolina House of Representatives

"Mayor Lavelle has been an ideal mayor for me as a resident of the Town of Carrboro.   I can't count the number of times I have gone to the Mayor with an issue that needs a quick and decisive resolution.  Public works, public schools, traffic, sidewalks and crime - Mayor Lavelle has been focused on them all.   I cannot imagine a more dedicated and resourceful public servant to lead our town.   She hears from all sides and cuts through the nonsense.    Thank you Mayor Lavelle for dedicating yourself to Carrboro 24/7 for so many years....and I hope so many years to come!"  Laura Hayes Morgan, Carrboro resident

"Lydia Lavelle has been a responsive, thoughtful and active mayor. I especially appreciate her thoughtful leadership. She seeks out new ideas and different perspectives, weighs the alternatives, considers possible outcomes and develops reasonable positions. That's why I'm supporting her re-election campaign."  Margot Lester, Carrboro resident

“Mayor Lavelle has been a champion for LGBTQ people not only in Carrboro but across the state. She is a tireless community advocate who understands the real challenges our community faces.”  Matt Hirschy, Interim Executive Director, Equality NC

“As a public school teacher, I have been impressed by Lydia Lavelle's accessibility to my students.  As part of a Social Studies Unit on Government, Lydia Lavelle both visited our classroom and gave us a tour of her office at the Carrboro Town Hall.  She has shown herself to be responsive to student needs and committed to serving ALL members of our community.” Melissa Barry, Teacher

"Lydia Lavelle's steady leadership has helped Carrboro navigate challenging issues and move forward. Under her leadership, Carrboro has identified a site for a library, expanded our greenway network, and developed a clear affordable housing strategy for the town. She runs meetings in a way that lets residents know she values their participation. I'm looking forward to voting for her again this year!"   Patrick McDonough, Carrboro resident

“Since the beginning of her work as Mayor, Lydia has been a great person to interact with. She is genuine in her interest in the community. We meet regularly and always she is very genuine, supportive and honest in the ways she can improve the community in Carrboro. Specifically, every time we have had issues with the Latino community, Lydia is there. She doesn't hesitate to do the right thing and to be there up and front. It is easy to have a relationship with Lydia. She is very responsive and always very thoughtful. I feel appreciated by her, not only as a person, but also as the director of a Latino non-profit and off course as an organization. I will always remember one day that she said to somebody ‘we have our own Hispanic center, why to go to other organizations?’ Thank you Lydia for all your support to the community, to our organization and to the community in general.”  Pilar Rocha-Goldberg, CEO/Director of El Centro"Lydia Lavelle is ALL about community: young and old, gay and straight, old timer and newcomer, people of all colors and faiths. Most of all, Lydia is a tireless advocate for the poor and marginalized and for community members who don’t often have a voice.”  Susan Romaine, Director of PORCH, and Chair of Orange County Living Wage

"For four years, Mayor Lavelle has been an effective, forward thinking, and progressive leader for the Town of Carrboro.  She is the right person at the right time to move Carrboro forward at a time when state and national politics present challenging situations for local governments. She will continue to provide strong and stable leadership for the town that she calls ‘the most progressive in North Carolina.’” Senator Valerie Foushee, North Carolina Senate


Join these Carrboro supporters of Mayor Lavelle!

Aaron Bachenheimer
Abby Lajenunesse
Abigail Haydon
Al Stein-Seroussi
Alan Bolzan
Alicia Stemper
Allen Spalt
Adrienne Cox
Amy Singleton
Andrew Scharfenberg
Anissa McLendon
Anna Hoffmeyer
Avery Stemper
Barry Young-Wright
Betsy Elbogen
Betsi Harris
Bob Kirshner
Bob Saunders
Brett Wilson
Brian Kuhlman
Bronwyn Merritt
Brook Brookhart
Cameron Binnie
Cammie Brantley
Carol Schwartzbach
Caroline Butler
Carolyn Buckner
Caryl Schwartzbach
Catherine DeVine
Cathy Calvert
Cathy Howes
Celia Pierce
Charlie Buckner
Charlie Hileman
Charlie Lancaster
Charles Chace
Chris Hoerter
Chris Kreutzer
Chuck Morton
Chuck Morton
Claude Piercy
Colleen Blue
Craig Heinly
Cyndi Whisnant
Dale Sterns
Damian Hoffman
Dan Leonard
Dan Leonard
David Bellin
David Jessee
David Pcolar
David Perry
David Andrews
David Jessee
Diana McDuffee
Donna Campbell
Doris Murrell
Doreen Stein-Seroussi
Edie Kahn
Ellen Perry
Emily Brewer
Emily Kreutzer
Eric Knight
Frances Henderson
Frances Shetley
Gabe Barker
Geoffrey Taber
Georgeann Eubanks
Gregory Hoffmeyer
Harrison Broun
Heidi Paulsen
Heidi Perry
Helen Kalisher
Holly Holland
Holly Lipson
Jacquie Marx
James Carnahan
James Williams
Jane Stoddard
Jasmina Nogo
Jaye Meyer
Jean Chitwood
Jeff Herrick
Jeff Stoddard
Jennifer deLima
Joal Hall Broun
John Cox
Jonathan Broun
Jonathan Engel
Jorge deLima
Julie Strine
Karin Mills
Kelli Crispin
Kelly Wooten
Kim Calandra
Kim Young-Wright
Lance Westerlund
Laura Van Sant
Laura Augustine
Laura Hayes Morgan
Leo Gaev
Linda Bourne
Linda Bowerman
Linda Lloyd
Lisa Lancaster
Lorie Clark
Lydia Chtwood
Manish Atma
Margot Lester
Maria Darlington
Maria Russell
Maria Savasta-Kennedy
Marissa Merredith
Mark Chilton
Mary Hughes Brookhart
Maryjean S. Williams
Mary Sherwin Mouw
Matt Jordy
Mae McLendon
Max Stein-Seroussi
Meg Molloy
Melody Kramer
Melva Okun
Meryl Kanfer
Micah Brown
Michael Crowell
Mike Chitwood
Nancy Duffner
Nate Lipson
Nathan Berzolzheimer
Nathan Zalman
Omar Zinn
Pat Garavaglia
Patrick McDonough
Quinton Harper
Rebecca Chilton
Reg Morgan
Rex Whisnant
Richard Goldberg
Richard Jameyfield
Sarah Hileman
Seth Lajenunesse
Sharon Colllins
Shawn Hoffman
Sheryl Forbes
Sonia Katchian
Stella Boswell
Steve Peck
Steve Peha
Susan Romaine
Susan Sharpe
Susan Spalt
Suzanne Anderson
Thomas Whisnant
Tim Ward
Tom Arnel
Tracy Kuhlman
Tricia Mesigian
Trish Barron
Vijay Sivaraman
Wayne Hodges
Yolana Murrell
Zach Fields

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